Why LEDs are the future

It is suggested that LED’s can last up to 100,000 hours compared to 1,000 hours of the traditional light bulb, and they use 90% less energy.

On average the quality lamps and fittings pay for themselves in savings after 2 years and have 5 years guarantee. They also run cool so have less demand to put on air conditioning units.

Light Output

This is usually measured by lumes or candella.

Kelvin Rating

This is a reference to the colour of the light warm yellow light is between 2800k – 3800k natural is between 3800k – 4800k, pure is 4800k – 6000k and above, the light will have a blue hue.

Emergency Lights

You are legally required to provide emergency lighting to indicate the locations of escape routes.

We have a huge range of LED lamps available. If you would like help or advice in choosing the right lighting for your needs, please Contact us.

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